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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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sweeping three caucus states and reaction from the clinton camp. the gop front-runner goes on record with a long interview. some of his views are rather unique. should the u.s. stop buying oil from saudi arabia? analysis is next. >> the former communications director from ben carson. does he have any regrets after endorsing donald trump? this is the place for politics. new reaction from donald trump and ted cruz about an ongoing personal fooeud saying he would spill the beans about his wife, heidi. >> you could look, but i wouldn't talk about it. i'm responding to what he does. he's the that started it.
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he knew about the picture and may have bought the rights to the picture, meaning his campaign. he is close to the super pac. i didn't start this, he did. >> he hasn't campaigned for a week. he is hiding in trump tower. he attacks my wife, attacks heidi. it is disgusting to see a candidate to see, attacking the wife of another. he doesn't want to discuss the substance. >> these remarks on the heels of the long interview with the "new york times" calling into question the aptitude. meanwhile john kasich is turning the tables calling for him to get out of the race. >> it's absurd. if you want, let them consolidate behind me. i can win in the fall and i'm the that can get the cross over votes. >> on the democrat side, bernie sanders is riding a wave of
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victory after sweeping all three caucuses yesterday. in alaska he won with 82% of the vote. in hawaii 70% and washington with 72%. hillary clinton's 1678. >> we have the momentum and a lot of super delegates are beginning to look at which democratic candidate is in the best place to defeat donald trump. some of them are understanding. >> all five are taking a break until tomorrow when they resume their focus on the next big race. democrats and republicans will hold primaries. let's go to seattle where cal perry has the latest on the race. cal, with a good day to you, how
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is bernie sanders reacting to the three-state sweep some. >> it's a day off technically for him, but on all the morning shows, a big bump. the huge margins. 80% in alaska and 70% here. doing what he has to do to keep himself alive and giving himself a chance. now he can make that argument that super delegates can look at the margin of victory. what's next? as you mentioned on tuesday, he is making it clear that will be his focus. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead and we have with your support coming here in wisconsin, we have a path towards victory. >> alex, madison, wisconsin is
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left of left. it is liberal. it has that young excited base for bernie sanders. it's the gain trying to carry that not only into wisconsin and a week later taking a look at new york where he hopes he will have home field advantage. >> what they are doing to prepare to try to get a win in wisconsin? >> they will be holding rallies in madison at the university of wisconsin and on to new york. one of the arguments we will hear is about debates. they agreed on two more debates. bernie sanders hopes to have one so he can get more exposure on the republican side. he wants a dibait to get his face out there more before the contest in new york in about two weeks. >> nice spot where you are and great view. >> let's go to vaughn in milwaukee and he has been covering the cruz campaign.
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any sense of momentum in that state? i know we have polls that show a dead heat. >> the polls are close. what we have seen from ted cruz, they have logged almost 800 miles burning a lot of rubber. they have been here from osh kosh to janesville and gone all in from the little water pump facility plants to a fish fry on friday. as opposed to donald trump who will have his 50 event on tuesday. this is your iowa-type of campaign here. this is really trying to accumulate everything he can. on wisconsin, we have eight congressional districts.
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you win a district and pull in a chunk of delegates. he sees this as an opportunity to gain momentum and push off here from wisconsin. >> how about ground gain. who has the better one? >> they have implemented camp cruz which is similar. they had in new hampshire and iowa where they have given a base to move out here and live here. they knock on doors and make phone calls. that's something you don't see with donald trump. that's their way to victory. so far that's what we are seeing here for wisconsin. it's a week for the primary. they have a week and a half.
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>> how about the nasty feud. do you get a sense of how that is playing? places like that. can you get a read on that? >> sure. you go into the small towns and remember these are ted cruz supporters at a lot of events. when you go after heidi cruz, that is the next one for permanent attacks. i want to talk about substance. he said it again in an interview on abc. he said we are not talking about substance. that's when you are going into the places. people with real problems from jobs to social security. those are the questions. the other mork in osh kosh. he had a town hall. there was not a single question about heidi cruz. it was on health care and immigration and they were important to the people. they wanted to have that
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conversation. >> let's go to trump's long interview with the "new york times." msnbc contributor is joining me now. this will be a conversation. this was a long interview and wide ranging as you know. foreign policy-based chat. in this color mr. trump said a number of things including i'm not an isolationist, but i am america first. can you explain that? what does it mean to you? >> it's an extraordinary interview and if people have the patience, they should read it. america is not great today in the institutional arrangements it has in the world. it has been exploit ploited and taken advantage of. trade deals don't work. we are defending other countries at our own expense undermining the united states. we need to get back to worrying about exclusively our own
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priorities and pull out of or renegotiate and make it about the united states almost exclusively. it is such a punctuation point with the old era that was built afterworld war 2. it's an extraordinary interview. >> it is. >> he is opening allowing japan and south korea build their own arsenals instead of depending on the nuclear umbrella. would they do that. >> some people said japan is a non-declar non-declared. that is of weapons grade use. that aside what donald trump is calling for is nations to develop a deterrent running so much against our ethic of working with russia and china and france and the uk to prevent proliferation. the fact that that is
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underscoring that he sees that era of institution building in our great generation as something that needs to be undone. out of international engagement. it flirts deeply with isolationism what he is proposing. >> let's talk about what he did. he would support cutting oil purchases unless the audis commit ground troops s. this a workable proposal? >> it's not. i think the saudis are out there, but what he doesn't seem to have an awareness of is that generations, the decades of alliance that we have covertly with the kaudys who have been banker and oil provider in many
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of the foreign policy deals the united states has done and to walk away and have no knowledge of it and think that can you move a nation like saudi arabia by manipulating oil purchases to get them to do something shows a real ineptitude about how foreign policy works and what capital you build with the country overtime. when you like or dislike the saudis, we have a history with them and a mostly cooperative relationship with him that he has no knowledge of whatsoever. >> his temperament, he talked about how he is being unpredictable would gift u.s. an edge over the enemies and the allies. he wouldn't want them to know what my real thinking is. is this an appropriate policy for friends or enemies? is there any precedent that this works? >> there was often a theory in the strategy that if you had
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this crazy leader, you could do something. it means that you have no capital, no trust in the system. no trust with an institution. he celebrates people like this in this article who are great generals who were fired. he seems to be celebrating that. he didn't mention them and had to nuke other countries and come back. he is coming out of a national posture that we haven't seen at his level in a long time. >> you mentioned nato. he talked about that being obsolete. is he right about nato? who is paying for it? >> all countries have it. we have the supreme allied commander. nato reports the united states. the institutions are designed to
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give america leverage with allies in other parts of the world. it is a joint alliance where other nations are key components of what we are doing under a u.s.-led alliance. it was designed as he said as part of the cold war to protect them. there other challenges out of area or even within countries as we have seen in brussels where intelligence sharing becomes part of that apparatus. he seems to want to pull out of the alliances that worked for so long and say we are getting screwed in the relationships. we are paying the heavy freight. we wants to run the pentagon at a profit for the nations willing to pay for it. >> we have been questioning everything. is there something that you take away as a plausible approach. a nugget that you think that could work? >> there is a lot of ignorance in the article of what he said about details.
9:14 am
there is an internal logic. the world has changed and america can't continue to play the globally sprawling guarantor for the rest of the world and the most important piece is the quid pro quo has been broken. security and defending the rest of the world led to a better life for working americans. they basically got a benefit from us. he is pointing to that. we don't get anything back for our commitment and security and we need to reconfigure that. that has been talked about and no one raised it up to the level he has. >> confrontations in the streets of brussels on a day when many were hoping to can pause and reflect. one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next.
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belgian police disbursed a group of right wing anti-immigration protesters as they chanted anti-isis chants. an american couple is now known to have been killed in the bombings. the families of justin and stephanie shults. four people have been detained and no words if the raids were related to tuesday's bombings. they are reporting that the man who was arrested thursday and charmed with terrorist murder is believed to be the man seen here in this white jacket. this is from airport surveillance video. nbc news has not confirmed that detail. bill, i knew you were right there in that square. what started it?
9:19 am
>> good afternoon. it happened just behind me in front of the old brussels stock exchange where there is a memorial filled with candles and flowers and pictures of the victims. three hours ago, this square was invited by a large group of 400 right wing demonstrators. far right demonstrators and some of them describe themselves as sucker hooligans. they were chanting anti-immigration slogans like we are the people, this is our home, and the state is an isis accomplice. the people gathered here started chanting back that we are all the children of immigrants. it started with chants and soon as you can see the men began
9:20 am
moving in. police with riot shields and batons drawn. they chanted and gradually the police arrived and tried to control the hundreds of demonstrators who were setting off flairs. they began marching through the streets and shouted aggressively at muslim or anyone who looked like a muslim that they saw. these people are self-proclaimed fascists from a group called the nation. far right people have gradually gained political power in recent years. police as you can see brought in vehicles, water cannons and started using the water cannon to disburse the crowds. there were some fights between the police and the demonstrators. ten people were arrested and are now in police custody.
9:21 am
it all lasted about an hour. it was ugly and then as you can see the police protected the memorial and we are now in a situation of calm again. it was meant to be a peaceful sunday and a march against fear in solidarity with the victims and instead we had ugly scenes here. >> we really did and you broadcasted it very well. the entire hour would have been planned to bring that to you. thank you so much. how the west was won. does bernie sanders sweep three caucus states. perhaps we can judge from the clinton camp, next. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. >> we knew from day one that we would have a hard time in the deep south.
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it is a conservative part of our country and we knew things would improve as we headed west. and we have with your can't coming here, we have a path towards victory. >> that was bernie sanders speak in wisconsin after news of his decisive victories. let's bring in jeremy peters and thanks for joining me on this holiday. >> thank you. >> let's get to what you think the wins mean and for the democratic race overall. >> these wins were not unexpected. that said it does give bernie crucial momentum and he was facing increasing questions to get out of the race. there didn't appear to be much of a path for him.
9:26 am
i don't think the questions go away, but it's a reason to stay in. what it will give in terms of momentum, he is probably going to see a big surge in online fund-raising which has been his bread and butter. that will be crucial going into his expensive states like especially new york. >> can you explain what he mean when is he talks about getting the super delegates. i know those are the elected officials and the like. he seems to feel like he has an edge there. does he? >> it's eight years ago when you had hillary clinton fighting barack obama saying the super delegates. i think it's far too early to see if that will have a difference. the gulf is still very wide in what bernie has in terms of delegates and she is way, way ahead here. >> your colleagues at the time
9:27 am
had a nearly two-hour sit down that resulted in the interview in the times i can't put down. what surprised you most from the interview? >> it was interesting that he wouldn't endorse a two-state solution for the conflict. he wants to hold his cards close and i think as my colleagues point out in this piece, donald trump doesn't seem to consider the consequences of what a u.s. pull out in the mideast would be and how it would allow iran to gain a stronger role in determining what happens in the middle east. >> okay. what about the fact that it's coming down to a numbers game as we head can ted cruise get the
9:28 am
delegates? >> it's virtually impossible. it is looking unlikely that donald trump will get there and this will go to the consflengz july. this is one of the fascinating aspects of this republican race for the presidential nomination. the voting that happened in the states already is they have been set up for a hundred years and people are starting to notice, wait a second. the convention in places like north ka dakota and wyoming that very well could decide who the nominee is and really they don't have to go by what has been decided at the primary level. >> it's interesting. politico pointed out that 32
9:29 am
states have held republican primaries so far. in twoof those states, more than 60% of votered voted for someone other than trump. if they were to unite the anti-trump voters, they can defeat them. is that legitimate? while turn out is across the board on the republican side of the race, the people are not all coming out to vote for donald trump. and that is true. there is also an incredibly that is a force that has to be reckoned with. >> you are a force yourself. republican voters are losing
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(mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the place for politics. let's take a look at the headlines. the candidates will kickoff with last ditch efforts in wisconsin. the next big contest to be held on april 5th. 96 delegates and 42 for republicans. amid an ongoing feud between trump and cruz. he is addressing a report that said although he won louisiana as many as ten of his delegates may be reallocated to cruz. >> i won louisiana and i hear he is trying to steal delegates. welcome to the republican party. what's going on in the republican party is a disgrace. i have so many more votes and delegates and whoever at the end
9:34 am
has the most votes and the delegates should be the nominee. >> nbc has been following the trump campaign. what are you learn being the plan to avoid a contested convention. the trump may not get the required delegates or have the ability to lobby the right people to get there. >> right. that's the downside to having this untraditional campaign and that's what we came to expect. as ar ireported this week, it's a little bit more traditional than we had in mind. we had a approach to the run and make sure if he doesn't hit that number they can avoid this contested convention. this requires people during the nominating contest and the lead up to the convention to shore them up and use a favorite trump word, ka joel them into making sure they stay with trump. in interviews, he is saying in as large of a field he had to
9:35 am
compete in, it's unfair for him to expect that. that's something very trumpian in that it doesn't mean he said he doesn't think he will get to 1237. he does think he will get to that number. he is also couching it in, but if i don't, this is why i wouldn't. i ran in a field of 17 people and look how well i did compared to the rest of the field. it's unfair that i wouldn't get the nomination having done as well as i have done. if you look at him on the stump, he has been confidence although he has taken a week off. he looks confident and trying to dollster what he is talking about. the point that people have concerns. he did a long ranging interview with the "new york times" about 100 mondays worth of conversation. that's as deep as i have seen him go and trying to show he is willing to talk about this issue. of course the obvious parts that
9:36 am
was interview were that he has this decision making process in terms of foreign policy that may not have regard where the decisions had ramifications. it is very america cent rick, america first. >> thank you so much for that. let's bring in howard dean, former vermont governor and msnbc contributor and former national spokesman for ted cruise. >> happy easter. >> and to you guys. i want to stay with the convention for a minute. if ted cruz needs 85% remaining delegates to hit that mark, is it realistic or is second place the best he can hope for. >> it's within the realm of possibility although an outside chance. it would require a turning of the tights in that he would rin up coming primaries the way
9:37 am
bernie sanders seems to be. that would require that strategy to get the majority. the person who gets the majority gets the nomination. cruz wants to deny him. >> majority or 1237? there is a specific bar. >> that's what the rules say. donald trump would have you believe that if he didn't get the 1237, which is he going to force to vote for him that don't want to. that's not the way it works. if he didn't doesn't get that, it goes to the second ballot and then to the third. this is how abraham lincoln became president. those are the rules. he wants to change the rules when he didn't like them. then he loves the rules. >> i have a question about this. >> go ahead. >> the republican rules say if you don't win eight states your
9:38 am
name can't be on the nomination. nobody gets to 1237, but all kasich's delegates are free on the first. >> that's a good question. that's rule 40 that the governor referred to. what they can do, they can change that rule and that's one of the rules they can change. >> that's dangerous. >> it would look like the fix is in. if he gets to the convention, he hasn't won the majority and the name can't be placed in the nomination according to the rules. >> to worry about this looking like a fix, there is worry about alienating the voters who did vote for trump and picking someone other than trump. what would that do to them in the general election? we will ask you, rick and then to you, howard. >> it would be the same as deciding that.
9:39 am
bernie sanders closed the gap by a third. he won every race by more than 50%. he continues to do that and the super delegates will say what do we need primaries and voters for. that's part of it. those are part of the rules and the republicans. it can be explained. the same way the electoral college is. al gore won more popular vote than did george w. bush. he was period because the rules say you have to win the majority of the electoral college. >> the only thing i would say is the difference between changing the rules if they got rid of the eight-state minimum and the existing rules. it makes a tough decision when i was char barring them from having delegates. that made the difference and made barack obama president. i did it not because i was for barack obama, but that was the
9:40 am
rules and you can't change the rules. the super delegates are part of the rules. i think hillary will win. nothing should be taken away from the overwhelming victories, but less than 100,000 people voted. that's for one state when we get to new jersey. they are in new york and california and that's where this is going to be decided. >> do you think it will go all the wa i to the california primary? >> i don't think it is, but i think bernie will go to the convention and he should. he has a good following and we have to unify the party. >> okay. donald trump was on abc. he weighed in on the ted cruz rumors. let's listen to them. >> this that we see, this rumor mongering, should this be off limits? >> i don't care. really i don't care. the national enquirer did a
9:41 am
story and it wasn't my story. it was did e about ted cruz. i have absolutely no idea. >> do you think all this strife among the republicans is good are if the democrats? >> the oddity and the interesting part about this is the whole back and forth started by a super pac. trump showed a nude picture of his wife or something. you have to watch out for him. if you start something, he will finish it. that's what it looks like is happening. >> to be clear it was not a pro cruz super pac. it was an anti-trump super pac. that's a big difference. he wanted to help ted cruz. he said are our ads helping you? they have been destructive and
9:42 am
when i was on the campaign for a lot of things they were doing. ted cruz has said that he denounced that ad by a super pac against him. >> they found that the confidence has plummeted by a third since january. how do you explain that and how do they recover? a lot of the working voters have been upset with the party for a long time. we have the majority and they don't get anything done or put any pressure on barack obama. many would argue and i couldn't disagree, we were better off with harry reid and nancy pelosi. >> i'm curious about something written in the "new york times."
9:43 am
they wrote about trump success in the blue states and won every primary and states. how do you explain the appeal. >> i'm far from an expert. i have been wrong about donald trump in every utterance i made. >> join the crowd. i don't know if i can shed any light on this one. >> i thought his announcement was the end of his campaign, but look, people are angry. people are getting hammered and donald trump has gotten them to believe that washington is the problem. he is right about that and got them to believe he is the solution. i think he is wrong about that. >> we will call it a wrap right there. thank you very much for joining me on this easter sunday. new information about the group behind today's chaos in
9:44 am
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>> this was the scene earlier today. riot police firing water cannons and far right protesters that one has become a memorial site for the victims. in brussels for us, the chaos in the square took the focus off the investigation, but there were more arrests today. any real breakthroughs? >> the federal prosecutor here in belgium talked about the latest in the investigation. perhaps most notable is that the expansion of the houses that have been surged for the most part. the investigation focused in and around brussels. we heard of activity and this is again the first that we are hearing of houses that have been searched, 13 to be exact. they were searched according to the prosecutor. should some of them outside of
9:48 am
brussels and that gives you a sense that the investigation has expanded beyond the neighborhoods where they were arrested in the area where is they found the apartment full of ingredients used to make bombs. in addition to the 13 houses that were searched, the prosecutor put out a statement saying that nine people were taken into custody. it's not idea clear if they are going to be pressed with charges at this stage. they are waiting for a next to determine whether or not they need to remain in detention or whether a prosecutor has evidence they will be bringing forward in charges. this comes after the announcement earlier in the weekend that in fact one person as he was identified was was charged and that which are
9:49 am
includes terrorism. that constituteses attempted murder in the u.s. for viewers as well as participating in a terrorist organization. we can say that the federal prosecutor announced today that searches are continuing and raids are continuing and raves have been made though no charges in the past 24 hours. alex? >> next, what if the gop brings in a different candidate to challenge trump? what blow back would there be to that? one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories,
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>> what do you make of donald trump attacking ted cruz's wife based on her looks?
9:53 am
attacked other women. >> i do not condone any of that. >> you endorsed him. implicit in that is his behavior. >> that's not an endorsement of anything anybody has done or said throughout their lives. >> this is our policy director for ben carson. good day to you. i want to get your take on what we just heard. after this week do you think ben carson is regretting his trump endorse am. >> it's great to be with you. if i can clarify, i was the former deputy communications director and policy director. >> got it. >> and i certainly have seen dr. carson's comments to the press. like you said, because he endorses someone doesn't mean he endorses everything they have done, but i think the possible differences between him and mr. trump have been greatly
9:54 am
exaggerated. one thing that dr. carson cared a lot about during the campaign was the voices of the people. he talked a lot about we the people taking back control of washington, d.c. and despised all that the establishment was doing to play their tricks and the usual games. that's something he has a great deal in common with. >> he would not regret his endorse am. >> from everything we see, he does not regret his endorsement. he doesn't believe that just because he has certain differences with mr. trump that somehow you disown everything else. he believes that mr. trump is the best person to win the race against hillary clinton. dr. carson said that we want to focus on the big picture. we need to focus on defeating the democrats in november and doing all of these things to
9:55 am
dwight the party and play games is not going to be helpful towards that goal. >> how about dividing the voters and someone who worked on a campaign. what do you think about this cruz-trump feud and do you think they will lose female voters. >> they said just because you are a woman you would not have thrn sings. that's what they wanted to and something i don't live by. i think that and i said this elsewhere that just because certain fights involve a recommend doesn't make it an issue about sexism. my conservative friends have been bad about taking that chance and using the language they brought to us and we need to break out of that trap.
9:56 am
>> how about this way. are the wives fair game in a campaign like this? >> i believe that family members ought to be off limits, however if you look at what started this whole conversation about the wives, mr. trump felt his wife was unfairly attacked by this anti-trump super pac that has gone out to help ted cruz in utah. he felt a need to stand up for his wife and i'm glad he skood up. obviously it was quint essential trump. it is something that a number of others would not have done. i think we ought to focus on that. a lot of people say donald trump is anti-woman and sexist. i don't believe he is. i think he has got a number of issues with a number of different women he does not like. we should not confusion that with him having trouble with women in general. going back to that controvercy
9:57 am
we heidi and milania, mr. trump felt the need to hit back hard because he felt his wife was unfairly being attacked. >> let's talk about friday with dr. carson and you thursday in an interview. if you get to a convention and the people think they are going to stay, they are nuts. they destroyed the unity in the party. do you agree with that and is there a sense in the gop and where is that? >> we are in the middle of the hotly contested primary season. usually unity is something that you see when people start rallying around a nominee. i agree 100% with dr. carson that all the people who have come to the party, many have not been in the political process
9:58 am
and they will feel is enfrance chized if mr. trump is not their nominee. i'm not saying that somehow the parties are not going to follow the rules, but one thing you have to remember is back in december he issued a statement saying if the party goes out and plays all kinds of dirty tricks or has the back room deals where they find someone, donald trump would not be the only person leaving the party. we ought to remember for them it matters a great deal what the will of the people is. his statements earlier reflect that. >> okay. thank you so much. the relationship between ted cruz and the party elites. is support coming too little, too late for him? they wont. when we brthe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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